When the women from the Lake Dore Women’s Institute were going to the Toronto fair, they wanted me to go with them. When I told them we couldn’t afford it, they paid my way. I took Don and Keith with me for the 2-3 day trip. We stayed with Elvin and Bella in Toronto. In the morning Elvin said, "I have 2 lost boys here." Don and Keith had gone up one set of stairs at night and in the morning had come down another set of stairs and did not know where they were.

Keith, probably 5 or 6 years old, used to hunker down in the summer kitchen and say, "I laid an egg." So one time Bob got an egg and sat in behind Keith and when he hunkered down, Bob slipped the egg under Keith. You should have seen the eyes on him when he saw it! He went around yelling, "I laid an egg, I laid an egg!"

Keith always dawdled around in the morning and Don would always be after him saying, "The bus is coming, the bus is coming!" Keith would say, "Yeah, yeah," and of course he would miss it and I would have to drive him to school. One time he missed the bus and I said, "You are walking to school." I phoned the school to let them know that he would be an hour late, as it was about 5 miles. So he started walking and met Adolf Zeibarth, our next-door neighbour, who gave him a ride. He came home and said, "Ha, ha, I did not have to walk." But after that he did not miss the bus.

One time the kids were all outside on the front verandah. Don came in yelling, "Look at this!" He had a pair of scissors stuck in him. I pulled them out and took him to the doctor who said he was lucky that they had hit a rib. Don said he fell on the scissors, but I knew that was not quite right – I think he was trying to protect someone, as they had been told not to jump on the cot. The real story, I found out later, was that Don was lying under the cot, cutting out something and Keith jumped on the cot.

I stored jars of raisins on a shelf halfway down the cellar stairs. They said there was a rat downstairs and every night before bed Keith would go down to watch for the rat. I noticed the jar of raisins was getting low, so I knew what was going on. I moved the raisins and the next night Keith said, "No, I don’t want to watch for the rat any more."

Santa Claus always came to the house at Christmas Eve to give the kids presents. One year Keith decided there wasn’t a real Santa, that it was Manny Landry dressed up. However, just as Santa left, Keith met Manny coming up the front steps. He still believed in Santa the next year.

One time at Aunt Bella’s and Uncle Elvin’s cottage, Don and Keith went to the store to buy pop. They came back with root "beer" and Aunt Bella took it away from them.

At one time they might have been a handful but now they stick together and are right there, if I need them.