The Seven Wonders of the World

When Wilmer was born (June 6, 1936), a nurse and doctor came to the house. I had been out planting potatoes on a Thursday morning and was to do tomatoes in the afternoon, but my back was so sore that I had to lie down. Of course, I was in labour, but didnít know it. I did not think the baby was going to be born yet, as it was too early. Wilmer was not born until late Friday. I did not see a doctor for the pregnancy, but the doctor had given Bob some iron pills. I did not know what was going to happen or how, as it was not talked about in those days.          

Bobís doctor in Douglas was to come, but we could not get him when the time came, so we waited until the last minute and then phoned Dr. Maloney in Eganville. He brought the nurse with him. The nurse stayed for a week after Wilmer was born. Dr. Maloney was our doctor for all the other kids and he was also Mother and Dadís doctor. Wilmer was 3 weeks early, as were all the others, except Lois (April 28, 1938), who was on time, and Ken (March 15, 1953), who was 3 weeks over.

All the kids were born at home except for Ken. Dr. Reeves thought my blood was low and I might need a blood transfusion. So I went to Clarence and Violaís in Pembroke 3 weeks early, to be near the hospital. And then Ken was 3 weeks late. So I stayed there for 6 weeks, off and on. Clarence would take me home on weekends and then Iíd go back to Pembroke.

Keith (born Dec. 7th, 1949) arrived in a snow storm, and we were not sure if the doctor would arrive in time, but he made it. Bobby (June 11, 1944) arrived in a thunderstorm.

Back row: Lorraine, Bob, Annie, Bobby  Front row: Don, Ken, Keith


When I was 8 months pregnant with Don, we were getting in the hay. Bob wanted me to get up on the load. He thought it was too much work for me to throw up the coils of hay. I didnít want to, but I got up anyway. A snake came up in a forkload, so I threw my fork and jumped down off the wagon into a hay coil. When Don was born (Aug. 23rd, 1948), I phoned Dr. Maloney, and waited and waited. Just as the baby popped out the doctor arrived. He felt bad about being late and said, "The Grants always phone me in lots of time, so when another woman needed a cast on her arm, I thought I would have lots of time." But guess what!!

When I was pregnant with Lorraine (born May 3rd, 1946), Bobís brother in-law died in Kitchener in February. While he was away for the funeral, I had to take the cows down to the lower well every day to pump them water. One day, I slipped and fell and slid on the ice in amongst the cows. I was scared for a while - did not know what I would do if I had been hurt. But everything was okay.

Wilmer in back holding Ken                    Middle Row: Lois, Bobby                           Front row: Lorraine, Keith, Don