Family losses

Bob passed away on April 12, 1958, and

Keith passed away on Feb. 12, 2004.

When Bob was very ill, Arline picked out a black dress with leopard skin buttons and belt for Lorraine from the catalogue. Lorraine was helping Aunt Esther do the dishes when she got the news that Bob had died. She wanted to put the dress on right away but Grandma Hein said no.

When I was in the hospital holding Bobís hand, I fell asleep with my head on the bed. When I woke up there was a black hat on my head. Viola had been downtown and seen the hat and knew that I would need one soon. She brought it to the hospital and when she saw that I was asleep, she quietly put it on my head and left.

On that Saturday, Uncle Elson and I were sitting in the hospital with Bob, when Clarence came in and insisted that I go back to his house to have a rest. I did not want to, but finally agreed, and Viola made sure I went upstairs to bed. I was only up there about 10 minutes when I came down and told her I had to go back to the hospital immediately. Clarence told me that I needed some rest. I said, "If you donít take me right now, I will get a taxi, because I have to go now." Clarence drove me there and I was only with Bob 10 to 15 minutes before he died.

Shortly after Bob passed away, Aunt Esther was looking for the boys and couldnít find them. They were out by the henhouse looking for the bright star. Someone had said that their daddy would be a bright star in the sky. They said they were waiting for the star. When I came out they said, "No, thatís not the one" and then finally, "Thatís the one." On the night before Keithís funeral, I was looking out the window at Bob and Carolynís and saw 2 bright stars side by side.