Family Reunions

The first Grant Family reunion was held a Bob and Carolynís in 1976. It has since become a tradition, with each of the seven taking turns hosting it, on a rotating basis. This year (2004) was the 29th, again hosted by Bob and Carolyn.

At one of the reunions I was mixing up names, calling Wilmer Don and Don Wilmer or something like that. So someone said that they should put name tags on and then they did. However, the names were Frank, John, Joe or whatever.



At one of the reunions at Don and Ivyís farm, we were playing cards late at night. Basil, Don, Keith and I were playing King Pedro. It was getting late and we wanted to go to bed, but Basil wanted to keep playing. Finally, at around 4 or 5 in the morning, Basil went to the bathroom and we all sneaked off to bed before he got back.

Family Traditions


Carl, in my rocking chair, with me and Garnet on the left, Viola and Ernest on the right




In 1915 at my baptism, my Godfather, Uncle Ferdinand Zadow gave me a little rocking chair as a gift. When my first great-grandchild, Jenn Rosien was born, I gave her the same rocking chair for her baptism. Jenn told me that she would give it to her first great-grandchild. Also, as each grandchild has his or her first child, my gift is a little rocking chair.

We made quilts on the farm, mostly from scrap material. When the kids married, I made them each a quilt as a wedding present. As the grandchildren married, I made each of them a quilt as well. I also made quilts for each of the grandchildren who are not married yet and that will be my wedding present to them.