Brothers and Sisters














The Heins: Sitting: Basil, Earl, Carl, Elson                                                              Standing: Viola, Art, Mom (Amanda), Arline, Garnet, Dad(Charlie), Willard, Me(Annie)

Bob and I and Clarence and Viola took the kids to Lake Clear for a Sunday afternoon. Viola and I took the kids in the water for a swim. After I was out of the water and sitting down, Clarence said, "Do you know what you are sitting in? Poison Oak." I jumped up and ran back into the water. It was so bad that I had to go to the doctor to get salve for it. It was really bad, worse than poison ivy. It was also worse because I had waited a while before going to the doctor as it was embarrassing to tell him where it was.

Elson took Viola and Clarence into Ottawa to see the doctor and I went along for the ride. We stopped for a meal and there was a flower box full of flowers by our table. I keep saying theyíre so nice and Clarence said, "Why donít you just take a slip? Take one, take one." I had a coat on with big sleeves, so I took one and put it up the sleeve. The next morning when I went to plant it I realized that it was plastic. They had known it was plastic all along. I didnít live that down for a long time.

In 1976, Keith took Viola and me up to Espanola as Mandy, my Goddaughter, was being confirmed. We stopped at Dwightís place on the way up and the men were having a beer, but Viola and I said no that we didnít want one. We finally broke down and agreed to split a beer. Every time the men had another one, we would split another one. They thought it was pretty funny that we had all this beer when we said we didnít want any. They let us know about it quite often after that, about not wanting a beer and then having quite a few.