Moving times

I sold the farm the last year Don and Keith were in high school. We lived in a house in Eganville until they finished school. After that, I moved to Renfrew with Ken, so I could find a job, because in those days the baby bonus stopped when kids turned 16. I worked cleaning houses – that’s how I met Dr. Mickus, and when I needed a doctor, he became my doctor. I started working at Stemco in 1968, making thermostats. One of the managers at Stemco sounded just like Clarence, my brother-in-law. He acted like him too, always joking and kidding. I asked him one day if he knew Clarence Boldt, and he said, "Yes, he’s my Cousin."

I was living in Renfrew when I had a heart attack in the spring of 1970. I was in the hospital about 5 weeks and then came home. I slept downstairs, as I could not yet do the stairs. The doctor came to visit and said, "You followed all my instructions, that’s why you are all healed up."

I lived in the Seniors apartment in Eganville for 22 years. I first moved in upstairs in July and moved downstairs in November of the next year. When I moved, I remember Don dropping tapes down from the balcony to Keith below. Keith dropped one and came in with it all unraveled and said, "Mom, you didn’t want this tape anyway." Ralph and David came to help and brought their girlfriends. This was the first time I had met Norma and Debbie and I was worried that I would have to entertain them. Lorraine took them upstairs and they cleaned and did the fridge and carried stuff downstairs. They sure were great workers! I was glad to have them there.