Fender Benders

One time on the farm, I had come home from getting groceries, and Wilmer asked if he could put the car in the shed. I told him to go ask his father, and I am so glad I said that. After he got the car into the shed, instead of hitting the brake, he hit the gas. He went right through the back of the shed, and over some trees and a set of harrows. After getting the car back around and finding no damage, Bob told Wilmer to put the car in the shed. Wilmer did not want to, but Bob insisted and finally he did it!

One Sunday after Church, shortly before Lois was married, she decided that she would like to get in some driving practice. Bob told her to take the car into the field. She came walking back a while later and said, "Daddy Iím stuck." He said, "Wait til this afternoon and Henry will pull you out when he gets here."

Once when Bobby had gone hunting he left his car parked by the fence. I backed out of the shed to go to town and never looked behind me. I backed right into his car. I jumped in his car and went to town to a body shop and got the bumper fixed. A good while later, I finally told him, and Bobby said that I didnít need to get it fixed.

I was away for a weekend, New Years (67) I think it was, but the lads were home. Don and Keith took the car (58 Meteor) to Sunny Dale Acres to a dance. Keith was not supposed to drive, but he talked Don into giving him the keys. Keith came back to town to pick up some friends and rolled it in the ditch. Keith came back to the dance and told Don. Don phoned Elson and the police. Some friends took Keith to the hospital (to avoid the police) even though nothing was wrong with him. Keith phoned me the next day. We were all were up at Elsonís; Garry was there too. Keith was scared shitless and when I saw him the first things I said were, "Are you all right? Why did you take the car? You know you have to pay to get it fixed." Garry told me later that Keith was expecting a lot worse, and was glad I had not lit into him.

Another time when Keith was working at the grocery store, Don and Ken and I drove in to shop and to pick up Keith. Don was driving, and just as we were going up a hill, a car hit us head on. The car (57 Chevy) was totaled, but no one was badly hurt. Don got a cut on his head, my head hit the windshield and my knee hit the dash. I still have the scars. The police finally arrived and by then Earl and Elson were there. The police asked, "Are you all right? Can you see? Are you sure youíre all right?" The police took Don and me to the doctor. When we got there, Dr. Reeves asked, "Can you see spots before your eyes?" He was just kidding because there were specks of blood all over my glasses. It had rained before the police got there and they could not see the car tracks, but the other driver had not even seen us. Don had got off the road as far as he could.Roy took the car to Kingston to fix it. I had to get another car, so I bought a Ford (58 Meteor), but did not like it. Roy had the 57 Chevy all fixed up and painted and was going to sell it. I said, "No, you take this Ford and sell it and give me back the Chevy." And thatís what we did.

Wilmer was after me all the time not to leave my keys in the ignition, but Iíd forget. So one time in Eganville when I came out of the grocery store (Bimms) the car was gone. As I was putting the groceries down and deciding what to do, I looked around and saw Wilmer standing near the bo-peep restaurant, so I knew he had hidden the car. After that, I did not leave the keys in the car.

Once when Lorraine was learning to drive, she took the car into the field. Just as she was turning into the field, she hit a fence post, and the wire made a really loud zinging sound. Everybody rushed over to see what all the noise was about.