Tina and Bev were visiting me in the apartment, and they were giggling. All at once they made me jump. With all the giggling, I did not know what they were doing. It happened a couple of times before I realized that they were sliding their feet across the carpet to make static electricity.

Ruth phoned to say that she was getting a baby and I said, "Youíre pregnant?" Ruth said, "No, weíre getting a baby on Wednesday." I was so excited, I couldnít think straight.

When I had the trailer at Mink Lake I would have the grandchildren for a visit - played cards, all kinds of games. I always said one at a time. I donít know what happened, but one time, on a Friday night, I had two of them, Bev and Julie. I made peach upside-down cake for supper and each had some and I also had a good piece. Lorraine and Tina came up and had some too. During the night, up on the top bunk, one of them, Bev I think, got sick. I got up and changed the sheets and the whole bit and then a bit later there goes Julie Ė so then I had to change the sheets again. The next morning I had to go to town to do the laundry. They blamed it on the peach upside down cake, but nobody else was sick. Julie says she still cannot eat a peach.

At the trailer I had a candy dish on the shelf by the table. The kids would sneak in and grab a candy, hide it and run out with it. They thought I hadnít seen. The odd time I would let them know I had seen them.

When Mike was visiting, he found some bugs that eat the leaves off plants (earwigs). So we put a board down by the fire and after awhile he said, "Bring the spray." He would lift the board and Iíd spray them. Then he would wait a while and lift the board again and say, "Spray them again, Grandma."

Don and Keith were up to put a porch on the trailer and David and Ken were there too. As they had worked so hard, they talked me into getting them a case of beer. I was stupid enough to go and get it. When I got back, they showed me another case of beer in someoneís car trunk. (Editorís note: Mom did not notice the two cases that we had already consumed.)


Keith, David and Don with new porch