Four Generations



My mother Amanda Hein, my daughter Lois Rosien, my oldest granddaughter Sharon Iwanyshyn, and I are the oldest daughters in each of our respective families.



The Grandchildren

Ralph was the only grandchild that Bob saw (Ralph was almost 2 when Bob died). When Bob was sick, he stayed on the couch in the living room and whenever Ralph came in, he would not go near him. Bob told me to get him some candies when I went into town. He put the candies under his pillow and the next time that Ralph was there he held out the candies and Ralph went to him right away. After that, every time Ralph came to visit, he would go straight to his Grandpa for a candy.

A few years later, I was going to town and Ralph came down with a nickel and wanted me to bring him back some caps for his cap gun. He also said not to forget the change. The caps were more than 5 cents, but I couldnít give him back the same nickel, so I gave him 5 pennies and he was happy with that.

When Sean was born, I went down to Kingston for the weekend to help Lorraine, after she came home from the hospital. When it was time to leave, I jokingly asked Shelly if she wanted to come home with me. She said, "Yes." So then I had a hard time trying to convince her that she could not go with me. When she went in the house to get her dolly, I left. I cried halfway home because as I left, I saw her crying on the front porch. I learned not to say something like that again to a little one.

When I lived on Bonnechere street in Renfrew, Lorraine would bring her children so she could do her shopping. I did not know what to do with them, so I told Shelly, (6 or 7 years old) if she did some dusting, I would give her twenty-five cents. After that, every time she came to visit, she would want to dust for another quarter.

When I was living in Renfrew, Lorraine and Tina came to visit. Tina was only small, around 3 years old. She was very quiet so we went to see where she was. She had taken my nitro from the top of the dresser in front of my bed. She was sitting on the floor with it and we could see some on her lips, so we knew she had swallowed some. Lorraine called her doctor who asked, "Where the hell did she get that?" He said to keep her awake and walking. Lorraine walked her for half an hour, and then I walked her for half an hour. We kept that up for a couple of hours, and then she was fine.

When Bev was little and staying with me, she said, "No, I canít have dessert as I did not finish my dinner." We put the plate in the fridge until we had done the dishes, then she got it back out, ate her dinner, and said, "Now I can have my dessert." One time I had given her something (a treat) and then Ben did too, and she said, "Ben, youíre spoiling me." Another time, we were outside and Bev sprayed me with the water hose. Don just stood back and laughed.

Bev and Tina

At one time Keith and Don had leant me money for a car. Because I put names under everything at that time, Bev asked, "Whose name is on that car?" I said, "Itís underneath, so youíll have to crawl under and look." She never said anything after that.