Ivy’s Heart Healthy Granola Cereal


This granola is heart and blood pressure healthy as well as having a relatively low Glycemic Index.


The recipe can be modified by adding or removing any of the grains.  I have tried Spelt flakes and poppy seeds and Flax seeds.  However the flax and poppy seeds tend to settle over time leaving the last few bowls with a larger percentage of these smaller seeds.


Grains can be purchased in health food stores or bulk food stores.




¼ cup oil

½ cup Maple Syrup

½ cup warm water



4 cups large oat flakes

1 cup rye flakes

1 cup triticale

1 cup all bran cereal

1 cup kamut flakes

1 cup raw unsalted sunflower seeds

1 cup pumpkin seeds

1 cup large flake unsweetened coconut



1 cup chopped apricots

1 cup raisins

½ cup dried cranberries or dried blueberries


1          Combine and heat liquids.

2          Mix all grains, dribble liquid over it while stirring. Spread in large shallow pans.

3          Bake at 300 0F for 15 minutes, stir well and bake for another 15 minutes.

4          Remove from oven and stir in fruit.

5          Cool and store in airtight containers in fridge.