Donís Instant Breakfast Sausages


These sausages are easy to make and are delicious. As well they are much lower in saturated fat than regular breakfast sausages.I use lean ground pork that can be purchased, but I watch for the pork leg specials.I buy a lot of them and then I bone and trim and grind the lean pork, usually saving some of the best cuts for pork chops


Total prep time is only about 5 minutes.


To about 2 lb of lean ground pork I add:


1 tsp salt (or less)

1 tsp ground sage

Ĺ tsp each of Thyme, Nutmeg, Cayenne pepper and Black pepper.

Add a pinch of powdered ginger.


You can cut back on the cayenne pepper for a milder sausage, but most of the people that I have prepared these for have not complained.


Add about ľ cup of ice water, mix well and form into very thin patties and fry.

Perfect with Ivyís Heart Healthy Pancake Mix!


I have had a lot of compliments with this recipe. Enjoy